About Us

DigiTeach - An initiative dedicated to make students learn through internet. Digi what? We have already seen infinite websites for digital learning, so what's the big deal? We can hear the voices in your mind. Keep calm; we have a secret ingredient for you. Students belonging to medical profession and allied fields, are you listening? This one is for you! With crammed study schedules and mammoth content to be studied, it is a herculean task for any student to barely cross the pass line. With the pressure so heavy, how can there be fun in the subject? Hey wait, you heard it right! We proudly reveal to you our secret ingredient and it is called 'FUN'.


The sole purpose of our digital content is to make you enjoy some of the tough and dreary parts in your learning experience. As an initial step, we have generously utilized our think tank to create a virtual laboratory setup where you can practice the experiments that are expected to be performed in your exams. And there's more. We have fashioned it in a game format so that you get to master them lazing on your couch. Like they say, "students are like rockets; not because they aim for the stars, they tend to fly high only when their tail is on fire". For students who would like to make last minute exam preparations and that too in a stress-free pattern (practically, all of you out there), we would like to let you know that we are there for you.

PS: Please note that our endeavor is not an alternative to classrooms and textbooks. But it is good to boost your reading with some interesting supplements, isn't it??

The Founder

Jeremiah Stanley, the founder of DigiTeach, is a doctor specialized in medical microbiology. He did his undergraduate studies from PSG institute of medical sciences and research, Coimbatore, post graduation from Christian medical college, Vellore and holds a fellowship in tropical parasitology from JIPMER, Puducherry, India. In his undergraduate days, he was the kind of student who used to snooze in post lunch practical sessions and break his head during study holidays to remember what he heard in his sleep. Oh.. and being an ardent Jackie fan, he's taken this famous quote from the movie "The Karate kid" to his heart.

"There is no such thing as a bad student; only bad teacher".

His passion for dispensing knowledge, compounded with these sentiments, has pushed him to explore unventured avenues in the art of teaching. This idea came to him when he noticed that most of his students could do without essential study material but not one person considered life worth living without internet and smartphones. In such a tech-savvy world, why not harness the immense power and potential of digital technology to convert drab study material to exciting and un-put-down-able stuff? Being a video game wiz that he is, Jerry could not think of anything more engaging than animation and games relating to microbiology. One thing led to another and here he is planning to widen the horizons by incorporating animation in textbooks and indulging other related subjects as well.

Currently, Dr. Jeremiah Stanley is working as assistant professor in the department of microbiology in Velammal medical college and hospital, Madurai, India. He is happily married and lives in Madurai with his wife and kid. In addition to developing medical animation, he spends his spare time pooling his eccentric ideas for formulating novel concepts to combat infectious diseases.

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